V-Hub Dance

Get to know us

In 2022 we are celebrating a decade of V-Hub Dance!

Our studio is a home and safe space for people to dance and express themselves.

Vanessa Friscia

Director & Founder

Vanessa has been in the Brisbane Dance scene for over 15 years, and is known as a well-versed dancer whose dance style is influenced by but not limited to, street dance, fusion, jazz and contemporary training.


In 2012, Vanessa opened her own dance studio in Brisbane, V-Hub Dance. Taking her passion for dance and sharing it with like-minded kids, teens & adults. She is committed to the growth and change of the dance industry and providing correct education to dancers. Vanessa currently runs and operates V-Hub Dance on a full time basis in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Known for baring her soul, producer and choreographer Vanessa Friscia founded Vibe Creative Brisbane in 2016, inspired by the stigmas, taboos, and social injustices of mental illness.


Vanessa is an energetic and passionate dancer who, although loves teaching, is humbled and considers herself to be first and foremost, a student of the art. Her style can mix between hard-hitting, highly energetic to smooth, soulful and emotional. Vanessa is humbled to be part of the Brisbane dance community and hopes to actively keep working locally and nationally to create more hype in the scene.