Vibe Creative Brisbane

Vibe Creative facilitates the power of human connection and movement in the art of dance.


Vibe Creative aims to provide a safe platform for people to create and be heard through their movement. Together we create a space for growth, learning and healing.


Founded by Vanessa Friscia in 2016, Vibe Creative had the sole aim of exploring mental health through dance. Her shows were both emotive and powerful; and spoke about the struggles faced by those dealing with anxiety, depression and how to channel those feelings into movement.


Vanessa is an educator, passionate about building a strong foundation, both physically, mentally and spiritually for dancers. Providing mentorship for overcoming fears, and learning to be vulnerable and open to the unknown - that’s where growth happens.


“It Takes One Moment Of Bravery, And One Moment Of Impact For Everything To Change.

All You Have To Do Is Decide.”

Weekly Sunday Sessions

> 8 Week Programs <

Our Sunday Sessions provide a weekly training platform for dancers to up skill their dance vocabulary. Vibe Creative aims to build a supportive network of like-minded souls. The sessions will be hosted and directed by Vanessa Friscia, with guest teachers. Styles include; Urban Contemporary, Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Technique, Ballet & Fitness.

How to register?

Or Contact Vanessa on 0450 955 914 for more information.

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